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Right now you're as high as a junkie with a hundred-dollar habit [28 Jun 2002|10:18am]
I bought some dvd's yesterday. I told myself I need to quit spending money for a bit, but.....they were cheap. I promise. No more spending.

I picked up 3 flicks in the 'Soul Cinema' rerelease series from MGM.

I have wanted to see this flick for a long time. I love the Bobby Womack song of the same name. Bobby Womack does the soundtrack and Anthony Quinn & Yaphet Kotto hold down the acting. One strange thing is that the popular version of the theme song isn't in the flick. Its a more upbeat version, much more rough. However I think I like the smoothed out, slower version.

Awww yeah....gotta love this one. One of the classics.....spawned the sequel 'Hell Up In Harlem', AND with a soundtrack by James Brown, how can you miss?

I also got Coffy with the sexy goddess Pam Grier, but I havn't watched it yet, so I'll post about that later.
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When you ain't got nuthin', you got nuthin' to lose. [23 Jun 2002|11:21pm]
[ mood | Laid Back ]

Good weekend.....weather was ok, for the most part. A little rain on saturday.

Friday I went to the legendary Bob Gibson's house to pick thru some 45s. He only had one box for me, so the pickin's were kinda slim. But I got these:

Sweet Charles - Soul Man (People)
Nice Version. Kinda laid back, like a Curtis Mayfield joint.

Soul Crusaders Orchestra - Pretty Lil Mama (More Soul)
Break at the beginning. Nice track.

Johnny Talbot - Pickin Cotton (Jasman)
Another break. Good track.

Maurice - ? (My)
Passed on it the first time I saw it cause the label came off, but got it this time

Hayes Ware - You Got Me Mama (CJ)
Excellent blues/funk track. Flip side it good too.

Southside Revue - Chittlins (Mellow)
Nice track, but its got a weird hiss on one channel. I think its a recording error. Anyone know if this is on all the 45s of this?

The Black Souls - Baki Mutane Nakuka (Gully)
I normally don't dig on the afro-funk as much, but this track is goooooood. Afro-funk-rap

Prime Mates - Hot Tamales (Sansu)
Laid back meters style funky stuff.

Sisters of Righteous - Thats How I Feel (King)
Faster female funk.

Gloria Taylor - Born A Woman (King Soul)
Nice soul track.

Thelma Jones - Give It To Me Straight (Barry)
Not rare, but Thelma Jones put out some SOUL!!!

Michelle Lovett & the Mighty Cravers - Play My Music Funky (WSJ Sound)
This track can't decide if it wants to be funk or disco. And the breakdown makes me think of Maimi Vice. I can dig it! Where are Crockett & Tubbs?

Went and saw Minority Report yesterday. It was definately good. I am a big sci-fi fan, so I knew I would like it....but I think it was honestly a decent film too. Seemed very influenced by Brazil-ish Gilliam work. Also maybe a bit of Fifth Element in there too.

Today I hung out with Mona, and we went down to Harvard Square. I was hangin' outside waiting for her to get done in Kinko's, and I saw this guy crash his car up on the median! Right in the middle of Harvard Square! It was crazy....I think he was hurt pretty bad too.....I (and lots of other people apparently) called 911. The ambulance was there in about 10 minutes, but the cops & fire engines didn't get there for about 15-20minutes. Crazy......I think the guy passed out, or had a heart attack. Just got me thinking a bit. If he would have lost it a moment earlier he wouldn't have hit the median and stopped, he would have driven up into the square, and probably hit people. Uggg.....difficult to think about that. But then, I realize.....I am on this medication for a minor case of epilepsy. If I were to have a seizure when driving....that could happen to me. Yikes.

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Kids in America [20 Jun 2002|05:04pm]
Went to Phoenix Landing last night...had a really good time. Gavin Hardkiss was spinning, and I dug his stuff for the most part. I thought he would be a better DJ technically, but the music was good and a couple of the songs were SUPER good.

The best part was at the end of the night they stop the song, and he gets on the mic....they are all 'thanks for coming out'.....'my new cd....'.....blah freekin' blah......but then he's like "heres a last one from Memory Lane"....and he played Kim Wilde 'Kids in America' WOoooooooo HOOooooo!

We're the kids in america......ah-whoa-oooh!

Anyway......tomorrow I am supposed to hit Boston Bob Gibson's place and raid it for rekkids. I was gonna go tonight, but he didn't get any together......sigh.....hopefully he will by tomorrow. I need me some new records. Last time I was over there I got that Milly&Silly record!

I need to fix my website......the realaudio server is all fucked up. Noone can connect and stream the shows, but I can _sometimes_ from work. Its so weird. Hopefully I just need the latest version of the free server.

Which of these books should I read:

The Subject Steve - Sam Lipsyte
City Come A-Walkin' - John Shirley
Runnin Wild - JG Ballard
The Big U - Neal Stephenson

Or can someone recommend something? I want a Chuck Palaniuk-esque dark humor book, or a Gibson-esque dark cyberpunk thang.

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[13 Jun 2002|09:38am]
I've got mail, yaaaaaaaaaay!
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not again.... [11 Jun 2002|12:36pm]
Eating Wendy's today......what was I talking about yesterday? I am a whore to convience. At least I got chicken. Not that there is much difference between the burger and the chicken.

I fixed two bugs today already! woooohoooooooooooo.....do the happy dance!.......awwwwww, its ya birthday....its ya birthday......go pj, its ya birthday!
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sometimes..... [11 Jun 2002|12:21am]
Blackalicious video is on MTV2.....nice.....

I want to move to california. Maybe get a job for a company doing special effects programming. That would rock.

Get a nice pad by the beach.


I watched the movie Waking Life tonite.....a guy at work said he hated it, and another loved it. I had heard it was a toss up. I enjoyed it though. Although, I didn't like the first 30mins or so....then it got real good. All in all a great film. I was worried it was just gonna be a bunch of philosophy majors with too much time on their hands. I dug it tho.
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yuck. [10 Jun 2002|12:38pm]
Eating Mickey D's for lunch. Why do I eat this crap? oh yeah, I am a lazy lazy person.

I saw the video for this Dirty Vegas song on Mtv2 this weekend. It was pretty cool....had this breakdancer in a suit, plus the video had me actually _watching_ it. not just listening to the song, ya know?

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Yikes. [09 Jun 2002|06:26pm]
Note to self: don't LJ while drunk.

Nice day out today....I worked most the day though. Didn't fix any bugs either, so that SUCKED. But I think I am closer to fixing some big ones.

Last night on my radio show I played all kinds of stuff....punk, 80s, metal.....it ruled. Next week I think we are having a party during my show. The station is having a BBQ, and we are going to move the turntables to the station afterward. Oh yeah.
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uggg... [09 Jun 2002|03:45am]
Hmmmmm...its 3:26am..drinkin' absolute straight up......no OJ no straaaaaaaaaw.

watching scarface. my favorite movie. drunk as hell.

probabaly should go into work tomorrow.

eating cold pizza.

passing ou
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Wireless RULES!!!! [07 Jun 2002|11:37pm]
[ mood | Hungry ]

Got my wireless network up and running, so now I can be a total geek and surf the net while loungin on the couch! woooo-freeekin-hooo!

Watching VH1 Classics right now...never really watched channels like that since I got tivo....but its pretty good!

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Do it work? [07 Jun 2002|06:46pm]
Ok I got my server running behind my firewall again. It plays audio fine from inside my local network, could somebody go to my webpage and verify that it is playing correctly from outside as well?


Got the wireless PC Card for my laptop, gonna set that baby up now.
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Stupid script kiddiez [07 Jun 2002|09:23am]
My linux server recently got cracked by some dumb ass. I mean I wouldn't even care if someone cracks it to download programs or just look around or whatever, but this fucking guy is scanning like crazy, and even when I politely deleted his hidden directory of programs (woooooow, CONTROL characters....big secret), he came back and put em on there again! So anyway, he had some rootkit that he obviously didn't write himself replace all my programs with trojans and stuff. Its SO obvious too.....every time i run 'kill' it says 'setting promiscuous mode'!!

So I bought one of those linksys firewall/routers and installed that last night. Then reinstalled my linux server box. And actually had everything working (with my realaudio playing from behind the firewall).....then I woke up this morning and i didn't have friggen internet access! The cable modem lights were going nutzo, so I tried power cycling it, but nothing worked. Eventually called AT&T Broadband and as usual they were no help. This is their algorithm for every support call:

1) Reboot
2) Did #1 work? No: Wait a while and retry 1

So, for now, my realaudio/mp3s are offline on my website due to some dumbass script kid. At least I wrote my own scripts & programs when I was doing shit like that.

I have to give it up for Linksys though, that router is nice! I got the wireless one too, so I am gonna pick up a wireless Compact Flash card for my iPaq and my laptop. Woohoo! Geeksville USA!
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[06 Jun 2002|03:12pm]
[ mood | working ]

The thread 0x9AC has exited with code 0 (0x0).

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[06 Jun 2002|12:40am]
[ mood | Rock n Roll ]

I got a bunch of 70s-80s pop records yesterday from a guy that used to work with me. They ROCK! Among them was SWEET - DESOLATION BOULEVARD with the Beastie Boys sample on it, as well as the super hot AC/DC.

Other nice ones were THE RAMONES - ROAD TO RUIN, BILLY IDOL - VITAL IDOL, & BILLY IDOL - REBEL YELL. Plus a bunch of DEVO records.

On the funk tip, I just got my copy of the Sharon Jones LP! woohoo!

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[03 Jun 2002|09:01am]
I encoded my radio show from last week. It will be added to the website soon. For now, check out these links:

Part 1
Part 2
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[02 Jun 2002|08:22pm]
[ mood | ROCK! ]


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[01 Jun 2002|07:51pm]
[ mood | happy ]


I went record shopping at In Your Ear! record shop in Boston. For a while now the owner, Reid, has been teasing me telling me he had a record that I wanted, but couldn't find it. Well, today he had it.

I'll give you a hint what it is. It starts with "Baby" and ends with "Don't Cry"!!!!! Woohoo! Thats right, I am the proud owner of "Baby Don't Cry" by "The Third Guitar". Finally!

Now, I understand, this isn't the rarest funk45, nor is it probably even the best funk 45. But it has been my number 1 wanted record basically since I started collecting funk 45s heavily. I think it represents to me what funk 45s are really all about. The intensity, the breakdowns....the straight-up raw funkiness. It is one of the main reasons I started collecting funk45s in the first place, as it was one of the first I ever heard.


Other records I got today:

Heavy Water - Tell Me How Do You Feel (Derrick)
J.R. Bailey - We Need Love (Virgo)
Warren Lee - Funky Belly (Wand)
The Intrigues - Mojo Hanna (Yew)
The Peoples Choice - Let Me Do My Thing (Phil LA of Soul)
Etta James - I Got You Babe (Cadet)
Jimmy Bee - The Outside Man ()
Johnny Adams - Chasing Rainbows (Hep Me)
Fantastic Johnny C - Cool Broadway (Phil LA of Soul)
Joe Graves - Its Got To Be For Real (Rack)
Ella Washington - To Weak To Fight (SS7)

plus some other misc mediocre disco 45s.

Check out the show tonite from 10pm-Midnight (eastern) to hear Baby Don't Cry, and the other 45s I got today.

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[30 May 2002|11:27pm]
Heres the full playlist of the new show.

Galactic Fractures is every saturday night 10pm-Midnight on WMFO in Medford, MA.

Sharon Jones - What Have You Done For Me Lately?
Mickey & The Soul Generation - Give Everybody Some Pt 1
JTQ with Lara Rose - Free
Donald Height - Life Is Free
The Chefs - Mr Machine Pt 1
Inell Young - What Do You See In Her?
The Company - La Culebra
The Visitors - Holiday In Love
Soul Investigators - Get Down With The Funky Organ Pt 1
Down Beats - Say The Word
Clarence Curvan - Feeling Nice
Sons of Darkness - Black Ice
Hunt's Determination Band - I Need Love Pt 1
Hodges James Smith & Crawford - Nobody
Inell Young - The Next Ball Game
Barbara Lynn - I'm A Good Woman
James Brown - Don't Be A Drop Out
Wooden Glass - Monkey Hips & Rice
Monica - Freedom
Eddie Bo - Can You Handle It?
Soul Tornados - Crazy Legs
Mae Young - The Man Puts Sugar In My Soul
City Council Ltd - When You Get Through Wit It Put It Back
Cyril Neville - Gossip
Manual B Holcolm - I Stayed Away Too Long
Trinikas - Black Is Beautiful
Jimbo Johnson & The Violators - Popcorn Pt 1
Intensive Heat - Intensive Heat
Chamber of Commerce - Commerce Thang
Jo Ann Garrett - Can You Deal With That
Milly & Silly - Gettin Down For Xmas
The Impalas - Thunder Chicken
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[30 May 2002|01:08pm]

I posted my show from last week, but havn't updated my website yet cause I havn't scanned the 45 labels. If you want to listen to the real audio click here:

Part 1
Part 2

Lots of good stuff in this show, including the Sharon Jones cover of the Janet Jackson hit 'What Have You Done For Me Lately?'.

I'll post the full playlist tonite.
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[29 May 2002|03:43pm]
I finally posted another show to my website. This is a show from back in March. The one and only Miss Shing-a-ling was guest DJing, so most the records are hers.

As usual Galactic Fractures brings you Deep Raw Funk & Soul, every saturday nights from 10pm-midnight (eastern time) on WMFO in Medford, MA.


Website includes:

* realaudio / mp3
* label scans
* playlists
* webcam
* automated top 20 list
* song commenting system
* live stream

Heres the new playlist: 3/2/02

Lou Courtney - I've Got Just The Thing
Gene Waiters - Shake and Shingaling pt 2
Don Covay - Shingaling 67
The Magics - Let's Boogaloo
Soul Set - Flunky Flunky
James Kelly Duhon - Pusherman
Royal Show Band - Panama Red
The 8 Minutes - Heres Some Dances
Tina Britt - Sookie Sookie
Carter Brothers - Shes Mine
Manhattons - All I need is your Love
Barbara Acklin - Love Makes A Woman
Foundations - Give Me Love
Willie Hutch - How Come Baby, Don't you Love Me
Homer Banks - 60 Minutes of Your Love
Ricky Allen - Keep It To Yourself
Erma Franklin - Big Boss Man
Tommy Bush - Stop and Think
Bill Moss - Sock It To Em Soul Brother Instr
Soul Investigators - Get Down With The Funky Organ Pt 1
Jo Armstead - The Urge Keeps Comin
Howard Tate - Baby, I Love You
Parliments - All Your Goodies Are Gone
Ann Peebles - 99 Lbs
Linda Lyndell - What a Man
Ronnie & Robyn - As Long As You Love Me
Wilson Pickett - Let Me Be Your Boy
Bobby Bland - Yum Yum Tree
Carol Anderson - Holding On
King Floyd - Baby Let Me Kiss You
Israel Popper Stopper Tolbert - Big Leg Woman With a Short Short Skirt
African Music Machine - Mr. Brown
Mickey And His Mice - Cracker Jack
Mickey & The Soul Generation - Football
Gi Gi - Daddy Love Pt 1
Towanda Barnes - If I'm Guilty
Mamie Galore - Special Agent 34 24 38
LaSalles - La La La La La
Brothers Seven - Funky Smunk
Manual B Holcolm - I Stayed Away Too Long
Inell Young - What Do You See In Her?
Dayton Sidewinders - Slippin Into Darkness
Fabulous Soul Investigators - Hot Pants On Fire
Third Guitar - Lovin Lies
Pat Lewis - Can't Shake It Loose
Darrell Banks - Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You
JJ Barnes - Say It
Jr Walker - Ain't That The Truth
Fabulous Peps - With These Eyes
The Line? - Love a Gogo
Fabulous Downbeats - Life Goes On
Sonny Cox - Chocolate Candy
Johnny Taylor - Testify
The Teques - If I Could
5 Steps - The Boots Are Made For Walking
Eli (The Prophet) - Take A Little Give A Lot
Hunt's Determination Band - I Need Love Pt 2
Barbara Lynn - I'm A Good Woman
Lillian Hale - Don't Boom Boom
Trinikas - Remember Me
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