pj4533 (pj4533) wrote,

Live @ The Enormous Room Volume THREE!!!

I finished putting together my new CD last night. If anyone wants a copy come on out to the enormous room this thursday night. I'll have a limited number of them with me.

Here is the track listing:

naomi davis - wind your clock pt 1&2
joseph henry - who's the king
third guitar - baby don't cry
wooden glass - monkey hips and rice
trinikas - black is beautiful
lillian hale - don't boom boom
gwen mccrae - 90% of me is you
steve miller - fly like an eagle
steely dan - black cow
andrew white - who got de funk
lee dorsey - occapella
gladys knight & the pips - thank you
george & gwen mccrae - the rub
bobby rush - mary jane
lee fields - honey dove
roberta flack - hey thats no way to say goodbye
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how steve miller & steely dan made it onto that mix is completely beyond me...or did you just put them there to see if anyone was even paying attention?
PSSSSHHHHTT......OH listen to Miss-I-go-to-london-and-get-rare-records, Miss-I-get-to-hear-unreleased-Charles-Mintz hahaha.....j/k

See, *I* like good _MUSIC_ and Steve Miller & Steely Dan is good _MUSIC_ Its all about variety. If you get stuck in one genre too much, it sucks. Sure, I won't bring out the Steve Miller when I play the Sugarman3 show next month (did I TELL you about that?!?!?!), but for The Enormous Room its perfect.

Give me a call soon...i wanna hear all the sordid details about your trip. At least the ones that aren't a drunken/druggedout blur. :)

hey, talk to the hand. i am quite versitile. infact, i've been listening to stereolab all morning - SO THERE!

having seen the steve miller band live a decade ago, i'll have to argue w/ you. they've got nothin' on crosby, stills, nash & young or CCR. i've always hated steely dan.

oh yes, there are plenty o' sordid details to unravel. i'll try callin' ya when i get home tonight. of course, i still haven't even finished unpacking or even having listening to all of my AWESOME new records. :)