pj4533 (pj4533) wrote,

Time to Updeezy the Live-izzle Journizzle

Its been a long time...

I am fairly settled at my new place in the city. I love it. So much better than freekin' Woburn. Course, I would like it to be warmer so i could get out and walk around more, but that will happen soon enough.

Although I skipped last night, mondays are for going to Wally's Cafe. That place rocks. I love that I can WALK to it now too!!!! wooohoooo.

I will be at the Enormous Room this thursday (Feb 13th), so come on out to hear some good funk and soul. My friend Tall Matt will be spinning with me too. He just released a new mix CD with 7L (from 7L & Esoteric)...you should be able to find that online or at the show this thursday. AND I'll have limited copies of my new cd 'Live @ The Enormous Room Vol. 3' available this thursday too, so come early to grab one.
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