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Peej PeejBacks Baadasssss Song

Lord! Has it been this long since my last update?

Whats been happening lately.........hmmmm.......well, my jobbie job is going crazy. We have a new boss now, and its starting to look like some more changes are coming soon. Ah...the technology industry.

I got my latest order from Dusty Groove today. I like ordering represses & new stuff from there. I'll probably end up replacing some of it with originals soon, but I figure I'd start with these represses. Check the haul:

Hot Chocolate - Hot Chocolate
Willie Hutch - The Mack Soundtrack
Melvin Van Peebles - Sweet Sweetback's Baadassssss Song
Roy Ayers - Coffy Sndtrk
James Brown - There It Is
James Brown - Think!
James Brown - Slaughters Big Ripoff
James Brown - Black Caesar
Bobby Womack/JJ Johnson - Across 110th Street
Detroit Sex Machines - Stretch pt1/2
El Michels Affair - Easy Affair Pt1/2

Awwww yeah.

Anyone in the Boston area should check out The Enormous Room in Central Square. I have been there a few times and its always been fun. No dancing...but a nice chilled out spot, and excellent music. Last night I heard some soulfire classics, some nice jazzy funk, a few latin joints and a bunch of afrobeat. Nice nice nice.
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